The Beta Launch is Open!

We're ready to show you what we've been working on.

The Caysh team has been waiting a few months for this day, but it's finally here: the Caysh beta has begun!

Caysh allows you to turn your picture into a gift card that can be redeemed anywhere. The best part? Caysh takes no fees. Caysh Cards are efficient and personal, your recipient will even be given the opportunity to send you a free 'thank you' card through the app. Don't worry about the monetary transfer as our partners, and market leaders, Paypal and Venmo, will take care of the logistics. Even if the recipient hasn't registered with Caysh, Paypal, or either, the gift will be delivered and their cash will be waiting for them to claim it.

The timing couldn't be better, Easter is just around the corner so send your friends and family a personalized "Happy Easter" Caysh Card and let them know you're thinking of them.

Over the next few weeks, we really want to hear from YOU - the user. We want to know what about Caysh you like, what you dislike, and what you think we could be doing better. Don't hesitate to reach out at with any comments of inquiries.

All the best,
Caysh Team

Caysh Named Chicago Startup of
the Year 2015
Cooler Than a Gift Card